Why WE Love Blogging!

Maybe a new series....?

Hello fabulous people! A few weeks ago on twitter I asked...

Hahhahahaha love the how to screenshot tab at the top lol

and I was absolutely delighted with the results! So many of you responded and I got some amazing answers. I'm only sorry I couldn't include them all in this post. So now enjoy what WE love about blogging!

The creation! I love developing ideas and formulating them into a post. Taking photos is probably my favourite bit (especially if I am on a trip away)
Aimsys Antics | Twitter

My favourite thing about blogging is obviously the creating however I love the responses I get from them too! If I ever receive a message telling me that one of my posts has helped someone, I love nothing more than that. I write to help and inspire and if do that, it’s great!
Infamous Mia | Twitter

Maybe it sounds a bit selfish but I love when I see that my posts make an impact. When someone leaves a nice comment or messages me saying a post has helped, or discusses something important, that makes me really happy ☺️
What Abigail Says | Twitter

I love brainstorming the post, scribbling random thoughts and seeing it slowly come together
Ella | Twitter

The community. I’ve met some amazing people and made good friends through blogging. Hands down the best thing- because real friends are there through the highs AND the lows.
- Kay at Home | Twitter

To me, my favourite part of blogging is getting to watch something I love to work on grow and getting to meet lots of new people along the way. 

Thank you so much to everyone who told me about there favourite part of blogging and I'm truly sorry I couldn't put everyone in this post (let me know if you'd like a part 2 where I ask the community another question and share responses x). 

I really enjoyed making a post like this where I got to share your opinion on certain topics. If you enjoyed this type of post and would like me to do more like this where I ask (on twitter or instagram?) about a topic and shared some responses let me know! As always thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so much for reading!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

ALSOOOOO Here's some shameless self-promotion 🤗

So, guys I'm aiming for 200 on instagram by the end of this month so if you could give me a follow it would be greatly appreciated 💕



  1. Aww thank you for including me in your post! Let's keep creating!
    Loved to see other's responses too.

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. Thank YOU for responding to my tweet! Here's to creating!

  2. Great post and great timing. I was asking myself this very question this morning - what parts of blogging do I love and why? For me - a big part of it is the writing; it helps me realize what I really think about things. And also the sense of mastery when I finally learn how to do something new! Thanks for sharing the thoughts from other bloggers - this was interesting to read!
    My Best Friend Adeline

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