The Ordinary Blogmas Day 5: Christmas Self-Care

Hello wonderful people! I hope you're doing incredibly well today and if not, hopefully this post will give you a few ways that you can cheer yourself up! Here's a few ideas to cheer yourself up and make you feel better this Christmas!

1. Read a Book

If you have some time to spare, rather than switching on the telly, pick up a book! It's incredibly relaxing to disassociate from the real world for a while and just read a nice book. You can find some suggestions here if you want some ideas!

2. Tidy Your Room

I know it doesn't sound very relaxing but I always feel great after cleaning my room! It can be relaxing to put on some music and just tidy up sometimes. (!BONUS! you get to stay in a nice clean room)

3. Take a Bath

This is a classic self care tip because it really works! Light some candles, run a bath and just take some time for yourself. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Extra points for Christmas bath bombs!

4. Meet Up With Friends

Life's busy and sometimes you don't get a chance to meet up with the people you love. So give your friends a message and make some plans!

5. Workout

It can be hard to get a chance to exercise in the cold weather so whether you're going to the gym or doing an at home workout stretching out your muscles can make you feel miles better.

6. Do Some Skincare

If you feel like your skins in good shape then you'll feel better and more confident so take some time to do your skincare routine. It's a great chance for some me-time too!
So there's my self-care tips for Christmas to help you feel happier and merry this Christmas! I hope these are helpful and I'd love to hear your tips for cheering up this year. As always thank you so so so so so so so much for reading!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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