The Ordinary Blogmas Day 13: 30 Things to do When You're Stuck Inside

So with the cold weather lately, I'm sure there's been days where you're stuck inside, bored. Today I'll be sharing things to do when the cold weather has you trapped at home!

1. Read a book
2. Binge watch some tv
3. Look up an at-home workout
4. Learn/practice an instrument
5. Write a blog post
6. Watch some youtube
7. Mix and match some outfits
8. Bake!
9. Chat with a friend online
10. Watch a Christmas movie
11. Try a new makeup look
12. Have a self care night
13. Get ahead of your schoolwork for the next term
14. Make a youtube channel
15. Write a poem
16. Test out some new hairstyles
17. Have a go at a DIY
18. Paint a picture
19. Discover some new music
20. Redecorate your room
21. Learn sign language
22.Talk to your family
23. Play games online
24. Make s'mores in the microwave
25. Take photos to put on a stock photography website
26. Learn Morse code
27. Do some wordsearches/crosswords
28. Make a mood board
29. Play video games
30. Take some online quizzes

So, those are my ideas for things you can do when the cold weather has you stuck inside, did I forget anything? As always thank you so so so so so so so so much for reading!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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