Blogmas Day 16: A Look Back At 2018

Hello wonderful people! Today I'm going to be looking back on my memories from 2018!

1. Went to a ball
2. Hiked
4. Had fun in the snow
5. Completed module 1&2 of a leadership course
6. Went to a festival!
7. Said goodbye to my class of 3 years
8. Had fun on a bouncy castle with my friends
9. Had fun at a nightclub (twice!)
10. Went to Italy!
11. Went to Donegal
12. Survived the junior cert (and was happy with my results!)
13. Worked on my photography 
14. Turned 16!
15. Went to the National Ploughing Championships
16. Visited Delphi Adventure Centre (where I met new people made memories)
17. Joined my schools smile committee where I've helped organise so many positive events!
18. Did a radio training course
19. Joined my youth club committee as communications officer
20. Attended Zeminar in the RDS
21. Worked on a trailer for my film and drama class
22. Played lots of badminton matches
23. Went bowling
24. Performed in the school production of 'Oklahoma!'
25. Had an amazing time doing it all :)

So that wraps up my 2018 memories! Thank you so so so so so much for reading! Merry blogmas!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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