Must Have Items For Every Girl's Wardrobe!

Hello wonderful people! I know, I know I'm not a fashion blogger but that doesn't stop me from loving fashion and as I said in this post I'm focusing on making my blog work for me which for me means writing things which may be a little outside my usual niche but hey, it's good to change it up a bit sometimes right? So here are just some items that I love to wear and that I think can make for a great outfit!


Blogger Recognition Award

Hello there extraordinary people! I'm so honoured to have been nominated for the blogger recognition award by Stralthy! Thank you so much for the nomination! Without further ado, let's get into the post!


Things I Want to Learn About

Hello fabulous friends of the internet! I hope you are having the loveliest of days today. So, this post is basically going to be about things I want to learn some more about and improve on or simply a few skills I'd love to try out! 


My Blogging Break

Hello wonderful people, it's been a while am I right? Anyways, I did a poll on twitter seeing what you guys would like to see for my first post back and this one won by a landslide. Today I'm going to be talking about my blogging break.

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