Meet the Blogger(s): Jade and Lydia

Hi guys! I'm so sorry this is going up a day late, I forgot to schedule it! This week we have Jade and Lydia from . I hope you enjoy getting to know them!

Introduce yourself
Hi we’re Jade & Lydia who are both 18 year old best friends! We both have pet greyhound and adore animals! Our favourite thing to do is go to concerts! This year we are going to see 5 Seconds Of Summer and The Arctic Monkeys! Super excited! 
Describe your blog and why you started it?
We started our joint blog ( 2 Peas In A Pod Blog) in 2014 and have been writing since! We write blog posts along the categories of lifestyle, beauty and fashion! We love writing blog posts as it just gives us a place to air our thoughts!! 
What’s been your favourite blog post to write and why?
Our favourite blog post we’ve written has to be'5 Reasons to Adopt a Greyhound' .
We loved writing this blog post because in a sense we’re helping other greyhounds out there to find their forever homes
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
If we could travel anywhere we’d love to go to America, because we’d love to experience the lifestyle and the culture in general. Most probably around Christmas time! Just imagine New York in the snow 😍
What’s been the most challenging moment of your blogging journey so far?
The most challenging part in our blogging career definitely is when you get writers block! It’s so hard to write a blog post when you haven’t got the creativity flow! And the both of us agree with this, is when this happenes and we feel our blog posts are becoming forced. Is the moment we take a break from our blog! It’s lovley that our readers appreciate this as well!! 
What is your favourite thing about being a blogger?
The favourite thing about being a blogger definitely is being in such a welcoming community! Everyone is so kind and supportive and that is such a lovley thing! We’ve made some great friends through having our blog and it’s something we will cherish forever! 
What’s your favourite book, movie and Tv show?
Jade: My favourite book is 100% Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell! Such a feel good read and I always recommend it to everyone! My favourite Tv show is Gavin & Stacey because it’s funny and again such a feel good cosy show! I never get tired of it. Finally my favourite film is Pulp Fiction, it’s funny and I just love the dance scene with John Travolta & Uma Thurman! 

Lydia: My favourite book is All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven so heart wrenching and I couldn’t put the book down when I read it! My favourite Tv series is Friends! Love Monica and Joey and it’s so funny! Then my favourite film is Mama Mia, the songs are so catchy and when I watch it I just want to dance around like no body is watching! 
What is your number one piece of advice for new bloggers?
Our advice to new bloggers is don’t get down by statistics! Write your blog for you and only you! To begin with we weren’t getting any views at all! And that was okay for us we just continued to write and find our blogs forte! 
Who are your favourite bloggers?
Our favourite bloggers are definitely: 

Definitely check them out. Amazing bloggers! 
Where do you think your blog will take you in the future?

This is a tough question. Our blog will take us to more happiness! It will always be our place on the internet to air our thoughts and write what we reccomend! We will continue to use our blog for our space and if people want to read it, it’s a bonus! 

So that concludes another week of 'Meet the Blogger'! Let me know if you're enjoying the series so far and be sure to follow the girls' social media which will be linked below! 

Blog Accounts:

Twitter:   Dewey_bear

Twitter:  Lydia_Greyhound 


  1. Great Questions and Answers guys. I've always loved reading posts like this!
    And you have to visit the US, especially during Christmas time in NYC, it's magical :)
    Although I have to recommend Los Angeles to you guys if you are a film/movie fanatic like me !

    -Marina W

  2. Love how Jade and Lydia have a combined blog. Don't forget to give the west coast some love if they ever visit America! Writer's block is definitely a thing - which is why I like to read a lot of blog posts to expand my mind a bit, hehe. Thanks for sharing this interview!

    Nancy ♥

  3. Nice article, I loved it.
    Such nice girls :)




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