Meet the Blogger: Amy Jane

Hey guys! Welcome back to the second installment of my 'Meet the Blogger' series! Today we are featuring the lovely Amy Jane! I won't ramble on with the introduction so let's get straight into the questions!


1. Introduce yourself!

Hello, hello, hello you lovely people! My name is Amy Jane (Amy for short) and I am a 17 year old blogger who enjoys writing about the weird and wonderful. To be specific, Lifestyle and Beauty ADVICE. So I suppose it isn’t that weird and wonderful but I like to think that I have a unique writing style. 😂

2. Describe your blog and why you started it.

As I said before, my blog is mainly based upon Lifestyle and Beauty ADVICE. I love to support as many people as I can through blogging, 1. Because I get an amazing feeling when I have helped people out and I get so much joy out of doing it and 2. I have such a strong passion for communicating and interacting with people through social media platforms, which I feel is what drives me to write the way I do and the way I want to do it. 

3. What's been your favourite blog post to write and why?

My favourite blog post to has been my “Body Confidence, and Accepting your ‘perfect’ body for what is already is (quite motivational)’ blog post. I absolutely loved writing this post as I’ve never really got the opportunity to write about how I feel about body confidence and how people should feel about themselves, i also wanted to express myself in a way that would be useful for others and a tad motivational for those people that may be struggling with feeling good about their bodies. I also wanted to write this post because I saw multiple tweets on Twitter about people worrying about having a “perfect summer body” and I felt like there view was wrong and it should be challenged because I feel that everybody is perfect in there own special way and should not believe that there is a “perfect” body Because, there isn’t.  ☺️ 

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

I would without a doubt travel to New Zealand because of two reasons: The other half of my family are living out there; being my auntie/uncle and three cousins, and I would love to explore the beauty of the country and the amazing views and landscapes that exist there. They just look so incredible!! 😍 

5. What's been the most challenging moment of your blogging journey so far?

Since I started blogging at the start of July, I have found that gaining engagement on my blog is not easy. Although I have only been doing it for a month so I don’t know if it’s gunna get any easier, but for the people that have been engaging with my content recently I am So, SO grateful towards them and they deserve all the support in the world! <3 

6. What's your favourite thing about being a blogger?

My favourite thing about being a blogger is the fact that I get to write whatever I want whenever I want. I love writing and I always have done, but in a way that is in my own personal voice as I love to express my views and experiences through this way, and also knowing that I am helping and supporting people at the same time makes me twice as happy. And I can honestly say: it has changed my life. 

7. What's your favourite book movie and tv show?

Book: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg 
Movie: Shrek 2 or 3 
TV show: Friday Night Dinner

8. What is your number one piece of advice for new bloggers?

If your going to start a blog, you must have a passion for writing and being mentally creative. This way you’ll stay motivated to carry on and never give up as you will be doing something that you absolutely love. In other words: Don’t just start a blog because you want free beauty products or want to become internet famous. 

9. Who are your favourite bloggers?

I would HIGHLY recommend “The Safe Haven - Anonymous Letters” - this blog is so inspiring and is so motivating! It is written by a girl named Han and i can safely say I can see how much passion she has for writing and being supportive of others because of the way she writes and what she writes. She also has a simple and effective way of writing and getting across to people which makes me feel very at home and as though I’m actually talking to her. 

10. Where do you think your blog will take you in the future?

I really hope that my blog will offer my opportunities that I could never even dream of : I think quite a typical one for most bloggers is to be approached by amazing beauty/skin care brands which is exactly what I would love to do. I would also love to have my own beauty line with a brand: in particular Clinique or Revolution Makeup (these two brands have continued to provide amazing product for me in my opinion). 

I would also love to publish my own novel one day. As I feel like there is nothing better than producing a story that other people can read and relate too! It’s such a nice feeling when you do read a book like that though. 

Finally, I would love my blog to bring me as much happiness as it does now and in the future aswell! I hope that my blog can help me develop my writing skills and communication skills so that I can keep in contact with other amazing bloggers and so we can all help and support each other wherever it may be needed! ❤️ 

So that's it for episode 2 of 'Meet the Blogger' I hope you're all enjoying learning more about these fabulous creators and you should definitely check them all out. I'll link the last episode and Amy Jane's social media below so you should definitely head over and follow her on all of those! As always thank you so so so so so so so much for reading (and thanks to Amy Jane for participating!),

The Ordinary Blogger xx

Amy Jane's Social Media 

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  1. Nice to meet you, Amy! I enjoyed this post and happy I've learned so much about you. Keep up the awesome job as I am looking forward to reading more about your journey!


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