I'm Back!

Hey guys! As the title of this post suggests I have survived the stress of exams and am finally back to blogging! I'll be back to my regular upload schedule from now on with even better posts now that I have extra time to spend on blogging.

I've been doing a few twitter polls to see what you guys want to see on this blog so you can head over to my twitter to see if there are any to vote on or comment below any ideas you may have.

Unfortunately, I don't have a full post for this week. Due to my exams finishing mid-week I didn't have enough time to write one I'd be happy with and I wouldn't want to post one that I wasn't confident in just for the sake of it. I just wanted to let you know that I will be posting regularly again.

That wraps up today's post. Don't forget to click the follow button in the sidebar and as always thank you so so so much for reading and comment below what you want to see! 

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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