10 Things You Will Relate To If You Grew Up In Ireland

Hey guys! So I recently did a poll on Twitter (follow here if you aren't already) asking what types of posts you would like to see. The most popular was these list-type posts so I figured I'd do another one for this week since people seem to enjoy them. Don't worry if you voted for something else, I plan on doing all of the types I mentioned at some point so they should be coming soon. So I've mentioned before that I live in Ireland, well I've lived here my entire life and we definitely have some quirks. I've seen a lot of "things you will relate to if you grew up in the UK" or from other countries but not too many about where I grew up. So here's my list of 10 things you will relate to if you grew up in Ireland! (Sorry about the long intro)

1. Not being able to turn down a cup of tea

Anyone who's watched Father Ted will know that the character of Mrs Doyle is no exaggeration. It's no easy task to turn down a cuppa here in the emerald isles. As someone who doesn't drink tea I'm constantly haunted by the voices of my people saying gowan, gowan, gowan and convincing people I don't want any tea is difficult to say the least. 

2. Irish Slang

Irish slang is unlike any other I've herd before. I'm sure I'm going to use some in the rest if this so here's a quick translator for the non-Irish folk among us. Shift/meet=kiss, eejit=idiot, culchee=someone from down the country, jackeen=someone from the city and there's many, many, many, many, many more phrases (comment below if you would be interested on a guide to Irish slang).

3. The Gaeltacht

Ah the Gaeltacht, the classic rite of passage in every Irish teenagers life. You either love it or you hate it. I personally had a fantastic time at the Gaeltacht and would go back again in a heartbeat but I know it's not some people's cup of tea. The excitement of wondering who's getting a meet at the disco is full of suspense. Full of Irish culture with céilís, music and of course the Irish language I don't think anything could be more Irish if it tried.

4. The Disco Getup

If you want a shift at the disco you need to be prepared. I think Irish teens overcompensate a little to get away from that classic stereotype of a pale, curly-haired leprechaun. So, out they go, the girls with 50 layers of fake tan, big heels and eyelashes longer than ever and the boys in their uniform of a white t-shirt and skinny jeans. 

5. Tayto

I was about 11 when I found out that other countries didn't have tayto crisps and my heart broke. Sure they're so great we even have a theme park named after them. Trust me if you visit Ireland from another country and want the full experience, head down to the local shop and pick up a packet of tayto you will not regret it.

6. The Big Big Movie

The memories of nagging my parents to bring my sister and I home so as not to miss the big big movie are endless. If we weren't tuned into RTE every Saturday night we were complaining about it!

7. Spice Bags

More of a recent trend, the spice bag has taken Ireland by storm. I sadly tend to be allergic to Chinese food so I've never actually had one but that has been the bane of my life when trying to get food with my friends. 

8. Going Crazy When the Sun Comes Out

Especially with all the good weather we've been having recently I couldn't go without mentioning this one. The Irish tend to go a little overboard when even a speck of sunlight comes out. Blogmiablog summed up our reaction to good weather perfectly in her post the guide lesson 101: things to do when you think the summer has arrived! you should definitely go check it out.

9. "An Bhfuil Cead Agam Dul Go Dtí An Leithreas?"

The classic Irish phrase, you know you're Irish if this has been drilled into your head since you were just a kid in junior infants. For any non-Irish readers this means "Can I go to the toilet" and if the teacher was particularly strict you wouldn't be going anywhere without a "le do thoil" (please) after it.

10. Having All 4 Seasons In 1 Day

Stereotypical, I know but that doesn't make it any less true. In Ireland it can be winter, summer, spring and/or autumn any day of the year. Years of enduring this crazy weather has led to Irish mammies packing the exact same supplies for a day out in May as they would in December!

So, there you have it! I hope a few of these were relatable. If you aren't from Ireland are there any quirks from your country? Comment below, I'd love to hear them! As always I would really appreciate any support for the blog. You can click on the follow button in the sidebar, follow me on social media (links below) or just spread the word! Also I am thinking of doing a Q&A next week so if you could comment some questions below that would be very much appreciated <3. Thank you so much for reading!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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  1. Haha! Can 100% relate to this!!!!!

  2. Thanks for giving my post a Shout out! I can relate to these so much! I really loved this post!

    For your q and a
    Where do you want to be with your blog this time next year? Xx

    1. Aw thank you that means a lot! will definitely use your question in my q&a x

  3. Ha so that last point, we can do that in holland too lol! We also go crazy when the sun goes out. Even if just a little, people start walking around in tanktops and short trousers hehe!
    I would love to visit Ireland one day. May get an opportunity soon since I have a friend that grew up there. I should probably have her read your post too.


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