My Top 10 Favourite TV Shows on Netflix

Hey guys! So I don't know about you but I am a regular Netflix-watcher. Unfortunately I often find that I can't find new tv shows to watch. That's why I decided to make this list of my top 10 favourite tv shows on Netflix (since I live in Ireland some of these shows may not be available in certain countries).


Review: It Only Happens In The Movies

Hey Guys! So if you've read my "Hello Internet" post (I'll leave a link at the end) you may remember that I hoped to write some book reviews. Well, here I am doing just that. I hope you enjoy my first book review as the ordinary blogger.

*I am a member of the amazon affiliate program and by clicking on certain links in this post I will earn a small commission*


My Dream Job

Hey guys! So as you may know, I'm 15 and in my third year of secondary school. This means not only are we stuck doing our junior cert, we also have to decide what subjects we want to do in transition year. We choose six subjects which we sample to see if we want to do them for our leaving cert. We also have to do work experience which means we have to start thinking about our future careers. 

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