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Hello there internet! I'm the ordinary blogger and this is my first post on my new blog! This is going to be anonymous but I feel I should tell you all a little bit about myself. I'm fifteen and I'm from Ireland. I dream of travelling the world someday. I love sports, reading, drawing, playing music and of course writing. I'm in third year in secondary school and as most Irish readers would know, that is the year of the dreaded junior cert. I think I'm surviving it pretty well so far but who knows?

As far as the content on this website is concerned I can honestly say I don't have a clue what I'm doing. I might write some advice on how to survive school,although I'm not sure I'm the expert on that, I'll probably write some book reviews because it's difficult to find me without a book in my hands and if possible I would love to write about travel and just different life experiences. If anyone reads this definitely let me know what type of content you would be interested in but for now I'm just going to go with the flow and write what I feel like. 

I'm hoping this blog will be an outlet. A place where I can write and just express myself in my little corner of the internet. For now I guess that's all I have to say and thank you for reading.

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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