The BEST Trip Of My Life

No exaggeration...

So, if you follow me on twitter or instagram, you might have seen that I recently went away on a trip! I didn't share much about the trip online as I felt it would be nice to just enjoy it while I was there but now that I'm back I thought I'd share a little about it as I've had a few requests to write about it!


On the first day I had to get out of bed at 3 o'clock in the morning ( 😫 ) to be at the airport for a flight at about 7 a.m. . The flight itself was very short and before I knew it we were landing in Paris!

After about an hour sorting out our luggage and on the bus we made it to disneyland! This was definitely one of the trip highlights and I went on as many rides as I could manage (and I might have wimped out of the tower of terror but we can just pretend that never happened). I went on thunder mountain, the rock n' rollercoaster, Indiana Jones and many more. 

We went to dinner at Planet Hollywood where the food wasn't amazing but it wasn't terrible either and the staff were very friendly and my friends and I just missed the fireworks display. 

After that we headed for the hotel but about a half hour into our journey we were told that one of the girl's lost luggage had been found so we had to turn around. This turned our three hour journey into at least a five hour one! This was probably the biggest mishap of the trip but it wasn't awful.

When we reached our hotel in Leuven, it was very late so we got our room keys and headed straight up to bed.


Everyone was absolutely EXHAUSTED after our night before and we were all going on just a few hours of sleep so when we heard our bus was going to be an hour late we were all pretty disheartened. However, instead of just leaving us to our own devices in the hotel (which I don't think any of the guests would have been very grateful for), the teachers decided to take us for a walk around Leuven.

We walked to the town hall, an absolutely breathtaking building and we got a chance to go to a supermarket where we stocked up on water and sweets! By the time we got back to the hotel, our bus had arrived and off we went. 

Our first stop of the day was a sad but important one. We spent our morning getting a tour of Breendonk Holocaust memorial. This was incredibly emotional but also an amazing learning experience. I would definitely recommend a visit here if you are ever in the area.

After this we hopped back on the bus and made a quick stop at the atomium which was an amazing sight. We only stayed here for a few minutes to take some photos and then back on the bus and into Brussels!

Of all the places we visited I would have to say Brussels was my least favourite. It was still good but it felt very tourist trap-y if that makes sense. There was a lot of (delicious) overpriced waffles, chocolate shops and not much else. It was still a fun place to visit and my friends and I enjoyed our time there.

We had a pretty standard dinner in Leuven and were back to the hotel and straight into bed!


We spent the morning of day 3 on the bus on our way to Holland! At about 12 we arrived at an adventure centre which was super fun! The only downside is that I slipped in the mud and my leggings got covered in mud!

After that we got the bus to Maastricht, where we got plenty of time to shop and get lunch! By the time we were finished there we had to make our way back to the meeting point so the teachers could take us for dinner.

To be honest, I was NOT a fan of our dinner that night. We went to a little pizza shop where the cheese tasted gone off and all the drinks were clearly watered down. 

To make matters worse the teachers decided to take our phones off us for dinner which is not the best but I can understand why. What I don't understand is why when one of the girls asked when we would be given them back they said that just proved we were ADDICTED to our phones. 

From then on it seemed everything we did was bad and it meant they were going to keep our phones. They claimed they did it to give us a valuable experience without our phones but we had barely been on them the night before which had been a brilliant night. 

We eventually got them back at about midnight at the hotel but overall it definitely was not the learning experience the teachers claimed to be giving us and left a sour taste in everyone's mouth (or maybe that was just the gone off cheese)!


Day four brought us to a chocolate factory in Cologne in Germany! We ate wayyyy more chocolate than is a healthy amount and then walked to a Chinese buffet for lunch. I'm actually allergic to Chinese food so I brought a packed lunch from the hotel and ate that there while my friends had the Chinese.

We then got a chance to have a short look around Cologne and go to the shops. It was absolutely breathtaking!

That evening we visited Aqualand waterpark which was sooo fun! I went on all of the waterslides and even my more nervous friends went on almost everything! 

While we were at the Aqualand restaurant it turned into a pool nightclub! We got to eat our food while enjoying the fun atmosphere of the club! We were all absolutely exhausted afterwards so we had a lovely chill bus ride back to the hotel (and thankfully managed to hold onto our phones!)


For our final day, we said goodbye to our hotel for the last time and headed to Bruges. Once we made it there we got some (extremely overpriced) lunch and just chilled out.

After lunch we headed to the bell tower and [I guess we got lucky because we barely had any waiting time, while other girls apparently had to wait for almost an hour! The bell tower was definitely a worthwhile experience and luckily for us we reached the top just on the hour so we were lucky enough to hear the amazing bells in action!

We spent the rest of the day eating waffles and searching for souvenirs. The weather was AMAZING but we'd all packed for cold weather so with all of our layers we were absolutely roasting! Despite this it was still a great day.

We then boarded the bus for the last time and made our way to the airport in Brussels. When we got there all of our bags were checked in due to our flight being almost full so they wanted more space for people travelling on their own. Everyone was pretty nervous to see the armed guards because we just aren't used to them here in Ireland but it was a nice airport overall.

After a lovely flight home we all met our parents on the airport and said goodbye until after the midterm break. 

Overall, this trip was an AMAZING experience for me. I got to see so many things and do so many activities. There was never a dull moment, even on the bus you had things to talk about. I can say without a doubt that this was the BEST trip of my life.

The Ordinary Blogger xx


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