Why I Quit Blogmas

I pinky promise this isn't just an excuse....

Why I Quit Blogmas  Teen Blogger The Ordinary Blogger

I was so so so excited to do blogmas. It was my first Christmas as a blogger and I couldn't wait to challenge myself like this. It seemed so fun and I was loving catching up on my favourite bloggers' posts from 2017.

The first reason that I failed at blogmas is that when I found out about it and started on my posts, it was August. You'd think that this would have meant that I would have been super prepared but I wrote about 3/4 posts because I was stuck in bed sick and then it was just gone from my mind. (Of course I had already excitedly tweeted about how I couldn't wait to do blogmas this year, meaning I had committed to it)

This meant I had blogmas looming over me but still I'm a major procrastinator and when school started, it was a whirlwind of joining new clubs, getting our work experience forms in on time and just general busyness. I took some time to write some posts but by the time December rolled around I had 7 posts fully finished and a lot of work to do.

Despite this massive challenge I decided to persist and write my blogmas posts anyways. Of course I also had exams on my plate but I saw blogmas as this amazing thing to have done (and it is, fair play to anyone who's completed it!) but I also felt I NEEDED to do it. 

Trying to write 17 blog posts in such a short time is a difficult task in itself, but writing 17 QUALITY blog posts? I wasn't able and the quality of my posts began to suffer. If you read them I'm sure you'll know what I;m talking about and honestly this was really difficult for me to admit.

I was left with two choices: Force myself to finish and just pretend the quality didn't matter or just stop writing posts I didn't believe in and admit defeat. As much as I hated it, I knew I had to pick the second option. Not only were my posts doing badly, I didn't believe in them anymore and I had been so focused on just churning them out I hadn't stopped to notice. 

Anyways, I'm not writing this post to say all blogmas content is bad or anything, I've seen so many people absolutely killing it. I'm just giving an explanation for why I suddenly stopped posting (and why I probably WON'T be doing blogmas 2019). I should be back to regular(ish) posting soon!

I hope this post helped you understand where I was coming from when I stopped posting for blogmas this year. Thank you so so so so so so so so so much for reading!
The Ordinary Blogger xx


  1. This is a perfectly great reason to not carry on Blogmas - valuing quality over quantity is admirable <3

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad I decided to stop in the end.

  2. I understand completely. I was in the same boat. I wanted to do it so bad and I got excited but I hadn't planned anything and maybe the first 2 were good but I was losing the quality because I was trying to keep up with it.

    1. I'm glad to hear it wasn't just me, I definitely didn't expect it to be so overwhelming!

  3. I quit too! Pretty much the same reasons.

    I was so on track and then one blog post didn't go to plan and then pregnancy hormones mixed with travelling and finding free time did not mix well at all.

    I don't think I'll try again next year but we will see, I didn't think it would be so overwhelming but it was!


    1. My thoughts exactly! It doesn't seem like that much pressure until you start!

  4. That's so brave of you to admit defeat and learn from it. I think generally it's so hard to commit to blogmas, so props to all those bloggers who are really dedicated to it each and every single day! Anyway, followed you via bloglovin ��

  5. Love this post! I decided to only do weekends sometimes during Blogtober as I didn't prep that well, if I'm being honest. For Blogmas, I was still a bit underprepared but I got them out. We just have to remember we have other priorities too! Xxx

  6. Blogmas is such a commitment! You definitely made the right decision to not continue with it if you felt as though your quality was suffering. Congrats on taking part in Blogmas even if you didn't finish it :) x



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