Blogmas Day 18: 45 Blogmas Post Ideas!

Hello wonderful people of the internet! Today I'll be sharing some post ideas for blogmas! SO without further ado, here we go!

1. Gift guide for him

2. Gift guide for her

3. Best Christmas songs

4. Best Christmas movies

5. Christmas wishlist

6. The Christmas tag

7. Favourite bloggers of the year

8. Exam tips

9. Q&A 

10. Best parts of Christmas

11. Christmas poem

12. Blogmas post ideas 

13. What your tree looks like

14. Favourite Christmas decorations

15. A giveaway

16. Your favourite vlogmas

17. Best Christmassy instagram feeds

18. Favourite Christmas recipes

19. Christmas nail art

20. Christmas morning routine

21. Books to put on your Christmas list

22. Letter to Santa

23. Guest posts! 

24. Holiday bucket list

25. New Years resolutions

26. Memories of the year

27. Holiday/December bucket list

28. Holiday reverse bucket list

29. Stocking fillers

30. Secret Santa gift ideas

31. Christmas jumper collection

32. Christmas would you rather

33. Your Christmas traditions

34. Your favourite advent calendars

35. Scented candles to make your house smell like Christmas 

36. Outfits for Christmas

37. Favourite makeup for Christmas

38. Winter date ideas

39. Christmas haul

40. Your ideal Christmas

41. DIY Christmas cards

42. Christmas budget gift ideas

43. Christmas dinner cooking tips

44. Where to find Christmas gifts

45. Best Christmas activities in your area!

So there you have it 45 blogmas post ideas! I hope these are useful no matter what year (if your reading let me know when your reading in the comments it would be so cool if future people read this). As always thank you so so so so so so so much for reading! 

The Ordinary Blogger xx


  1. Definitely will be using some of these for the remaining of the month!!

  2. These are great ideas, I was too busy this yway for Blogmas but maybe next year!

  3. I’ve had a lot of fun with The Christmas Tag after someone tagged me!

  4. Great ideas! I will be using some of them! Tgank you so much! ❤


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