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Hey guys! Since it's back to school season, I thought I'd do an education-based post involving the alphabet! I've seen a few people do this type of post before so I thought I'd give it a try because I always love reading them. I hope you enjoy!

Art is a subject I studied for my junior cert and I loved it!

Blogging of course! I LOVE blogging and it's such a fun creative outlet for me!

C is the first letter of my real name! 

Dancing is so much fun! (That being said, I'm not very good!)

Europe is the continent I live in!

France! It's one of my favourite countries to visit on holidays and I'm learning French in school. 

Goldfish. Ever since I was little I've had pet goldfish!

Harry Potter! I somehow only read the series when I was in 1st year but I loved it so much I read all the books in a week!

I'll Give You The Sun is one of my favourite books!

Jokes (especially puns) are hilarious. I love them!

Klutzy is definitely a word that describes me! I'm so clumsy!

Leo is my star sign.

Music is something I love!

Navy is one of my favourite colours.

Otters are one of my favourite animals.

Performing is so much fun! I love to act and dance.

Quizlet is my favourite app for studying!

Roses are my favourite flower.

School is something I attend every day!

Tv is something I watch far too much of!

University is something I hope to attend later on in life.

Verbal skills! I love public speaking.

Water safety! I'm training to be a lifeguard at the moment.

X - Rays! I've had issues with my back before which meant I got a fair few of these!

Youtube. I definitely watch far too much!

Zigzags ( I know it's random but....) they're my favourite type of pattern!

So there you have it! A-Z of The Ordinary Blogger. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about me in this post. Let me know which ones you would have answered differently! If you enjoyed i'd love to hear! Thank you so so so so so so so much for reading.

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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