Hey guys! So, I recently attended a leadership course where I ,and about 50 other teenagers, were taught how to achieve our leadership goals. I learnt a lot about leading a team but one other aspect we talked about was community and things we would change about our community. I noticed that there was one outstanding thing that we would change. Our reputation.

Having been described by 'The Guardian' as "moody, selfish nightmares", I think we can all agree teenagers don't have the best reputation. And I know that sometimes that description may seem accurate but honestly I don't agree. Adults tend to forget what being a teenager was like, trying to figure out who we want to be and trying to keep up with expectations of our parents, peers and teachers all while going through puberty and dealing with a whole load of hormones and being told that these are the "best years of our lives". I think the best description of being a teenager I've heard has been "we are expected to behave like adults but treated like children" and I'm not sure why but I found that really relatable.

teenagerˈtiːneɪdʒə/ noun  a person aged between 13 and 19 years.
synonyms:adolescentyouthyoung personboygirlminorjuvenile

Of course I'm not forgetting how much fun we, as teenagers, can have. Between going to music festivals with my youth club and cliff jumping in the gaeltacht so far my teenage years have left me with so many memories I'll never forget and I appreciate how lucky I am for that but sometimes our brains aren't rational and life can feel like we're learning to walk all over again because everything feels so unfamiliar.

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  1. I agree! Teens are known for being moody and being on there phone a lot!
    But we are all under so much stress etc
    Really loved this post 💞


  2. Thanks so much Mia! Glad you enjoyed x


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