Storytime: The Halloween Fiasco of 2016

Hey guys! I thought this week I'd do a storytime type post. I've seen these floating around youtube and have always found them pretty interesting so I figured I'd give it a go. I know it's not even close to halloween at the moment but anyways, I hope you enjoy!

So, it was the day before halloween of second year and I needed fake blood for my costume. You'd think that wouldn't be a difficult task (considering it was right before halloween), well you'd be wrong. I went and searched around all my local shops and couldn't find any. I figured the next best thing would be to go and buy a red liquid lipstick and just use that so I went and got one.

The next day I got up early to sort out my costume and makeup. Once I was sorted I went into school and everything seemed to be going well but not for long. After one or two classes I started to feel my face itching. I had worried this would happen because I tend to get allergies with some makeup products but I'd figured I may as well risk it.

I went to my next class and asked the teacher if I could go home because at this point my face felt like it was burning. He said of course so I went down to reception and they rang my mam to come and pick me up.

Now, you'd think that would be the end of it right? Well it should have been except I hadn't read the packaging on the lipstick properly. You see, it was 24 hour lipstick and the packaging stayed true to its word. I came home and scrubbed my face until you couldn't even distinguish between my face and the lipstick because they were both so red.

At this point I was freaking out. I went to the chemist with my mam and the pharmacist started talking about using all sorts of crazy stuff to get this lipstick (which, bear in mind I was still having an allergic reaction to) off my face. So I went home, got some hot water and scrubbed my face until every last part of lipstick was gone but now I had a new issue. The patch of lipstick was now replaced with a massive bruise.

For about a week after that my face was super sore to touch. Unfortunately I was going on a school trip to Italy that weekend so putting on suncream was no easy task. 

I guess the only upside of this story is that when I went to a halloween party the night of the disaster I got a lot of compliments on how realistic my bruise looked! Now and again the big red mark on my cheek resurfaces to remind me of my stupidity.

Thank you guys so much for reading. Let me know if you enjoyed this type of post. Moral of the story: always read the label! Have you ever had any halloween disasters yourself? Let me know in the comments. See ya!

The Ordinary Blogger xx

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