Storytime: The Halloween Fiasco of 2016

Hey guys! I thought this week I'd do a storytime type post. I've seen these floating around youtube and have always found them pretty interesting so I figured I'd give it a go. I know it's not even close to halloween at the moment but anyways, I hope you enjoy!


Things I Love

Hey guys! Recently I've noticed the world is becoming more and more full of negativity and hate that seems unstoppable. So, I decided that a good step towards getting rid of all the hate would be to spread some positivity around. That's why I decided to make this post as an appreciation post about the things I love.


Review: Letters to the Lost

Hey guys! I decided I'd write another review since I really enjoyed making the last one. I hope you enjoy! 

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Hey guys! So, I recently attended a leadership course where I ,and about 50 other teenagers, were taught how to achieve our leadership goals. I learnt a lot about leading a team but one other aspect we talked about was community and things we would change about our community. I noticed that there was one outstanding thing that we would change. Our reputation.

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